“The Hormone Symphony” a talk by Dr. Pedre
November 17th 2015
by: Jade Dressler

What is the link between a happy gut and happy hormones?

On November 2, Dr. Pedre gave his compelling answers as the keynote speaker on behalf of the Institute for Functional Medicine at the Functional Forum, taking place at Neuehouse in New York City.

The Functional Forum is the world’s largest integrative medicine conference. On the first Monday of every month, this new concept in practitioner education “medutainment,” brings together the latest health news, functional medicine research, practice development and health technology in an upbeat, entertaining way.  By topic, a curated group of the industry’s leading innovators are invited to present in a mixed-media format that combines interviews, TED-style talks, videos, audience interaction, and music, all archived on the FF Youtube Channel.

The talk was a simultaneous live event and a webcast.  Here’s where you can find the answers…and relationship of the gut and hormones.


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