Janet Dailey Butler

Yoga Teacher / Reflexologist / Singer

Janet Dailey Butler, owner of Dailey Reflexology and Yoga, is a Naam Yoga Therapist, Yoga Therapeutics teacher, Medicinal Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Singer with over 12 years experience in the healing arts. Her office is located in Manhattan and she teaches weekly classes at both Naam Yoga New York, and Reflections Center for Conscious Living. She leads annual Yoga Retreats and Reflexology workshops internationally. Her mantra cd “The Naam Music” project, is available on iTunes and CD Baby.

She came into this work over a decade ago as a direct result of her own healing crisis. Self healing, addiction, and several other challenging personal experiences led her on this path. Almost 19 years ago, in her first yoga class, Janet experienced great relief from the pain of detoxing and was drawn into this form of self-healing.

As a yoga teacher, Janet’s personal philosophy is to try to meet each student where they are and not try to change or fix anything, but to create a safe healing environment for them to explore within. Janet believes that everything we are experiencing in life is moving us towards perfect happiness and a profound sense of peace and belonging. She believes life is about love, reconnecting to our truth, and uncovering our unique gifts so that we can share them with the planet.

Janet came to Happy Gut first as Dr. Pedre’s reflexologist, teaching him about the importance of grounding through the feet to feel centered. Then, she joined Paula Tursi in co-writing the very valuable Happy Gut Chapter 8: The Physical Gut: The Body-Gut Connection — how through breathing and meditation we can connect to our intuition and gut healing.

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Any smoothie with cacao and coconut.  That means she loves the Happy Gut Chocolate Almond Protein Soother!

Being outside in nature, biking,  going to the flea market with my husband and our dog, unplugging from technological devices, feeling my barefeet on the grass and or sand on the beach.

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