Cathleen Klibanoff

Life Coach / Storyteller / Artiste

Described as a “modern day PT Barnum,” Cathleen Klibanoff has a plethora of creative talents.  “Cat,” as is known, has been a life coach over the past fourteen years with global clients from New York City to South Africa.

In her coaching and creative process, she draws from her other life experiences, which have included managing Prince’s music publishing company and launching a self-penned, one woman off-off Broadway show. Cathleen is both a published author and acclaimed artist. She has a keen talent for capturing the seen and the unseen with her paintbrush.  She considers herself a natural storyteller and uses this art form, along with painting, to weave all the colorful threads of life together in an eclectic tapestry.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Cat is certified as a yoga teacher and an advanced clinical hypnotherapist from the Wellness Institute in Seattle.

Cat is connected to the Happy Gut Team as Dr. Pedre’s personal life and business coach for over a decade. He credits her gentle, loving, and surgically-precise guidance as one of the essential supportive tools that have enabled him to accomplish his professional goals. Now Cat’s life coaching wisdom and expertise are shared with you through engaging interviews and video content on Happy Gut Life.

Cathleen Klibanoff never thought she would find herself humming Sweet Home Alabama…  but after 18 years of living in New York City, she decided to move closer to her family in Decatur, AL.  Soon after relocating, she met her husband -Huntsville philanthropist Daniel Klibanoff.  Cathleen now lives with her husband and eight year old son in Huntsville.

Learn more about Cat at; and follow her on Facebook and  Pinterest.

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A fresh juice combining the following: ginger, apple, kale, parsley, cucumber, spinach, and lemon.

In no particular order: painting, playing, moving my body, hanging with friends and my 2 Great Pyrenees; anything and everything with my son, and lots of laughing.

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