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Salmon and Blueberry Crunch Salad

Serves: 4


With fall approaching, life suddenly becomes busier with school back in session, afternoon activities, and other commitments. Making time for healthy meals can be challenging!

My solution: Make them easier.

A Salmon and Blueberry Crunch Salad is the perfect Happy Gut-approved meal: Loaded with healthy fats including omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, and antioxidants.

And you can throw it together in a snap after the busiest day. Here’s how. 



1 lb wild caught salmon

½ fresh lemon, juiced

⅓ cup basil, chopped

2 tbs avocado oil

4 cups leafy greens

1 medium avocado, sliced

¼ cup almonds, chopped

1 tsp za’atar seasoning

⅓ cup blueberries or seasonal fruit fresh or dried (no sugar added)



⅓ cup olive oil

2 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 clove garlic

¼ cup fresh basil

Blend well and drizzle over salad.

Step 1

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Step 2

Place salmon on baking sheet, drizzle with avocado oil, basil, lemon juice, sea salt, and pepper. Bake for 7-10 minutes or until fish flakes.

Step 3

On stovetop, over low heat toast chopped almonds. Continue to stir and add za’atar seasoning. When aromatic, remove from heat.

Step 4

Plate greens with remaining ingredients. When fish is done, serve on top and drizzle with dressing.


Gluten-free Oven Baked Turmeric Cauliflower


What’s for dinner that is gluten-free and delicious?  Fellow healthy chef, Lee Holmes, author of Supercharged Food: Eat Your Way to Health. and I created this delicious, baked cauliflower dish and others in a Facebook Live video, live from Happy Gut Kitchen. (follow Happy Gut Facebook here.)

“Turmeric is a lively root, with a heady, earthy fragrance, known for its Hogwarts magical healing powers and can transform unglamorous, frumpy vegetables into golden anti-inflammatory bundles of wellness,” says Lee.

“By adding a sprinkling of cracked pepper to this dish, the curcuminoids (the actual anti-inflammatory phytochemicals in turmeric) are made available to the body,” says Dr. Pedre.

Supercharged Tip: If you are using fresh turmeric, handle with care as it stains easily, if you do happen to turn your favorite garment yellow.  Try squeezing on lemon juice or eucalyptus oil to  help remove turmeric stains.

Gluten-free Oven Baked Turmeric Cauliflower

Servings:  Serves 4

Makes about 2 cups
Prep time: 4 hours
Blend time: 30 secs


head cauliflower cut into florets

1/2 red onion chopped (optional)

      Dressing ingredients:

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

3 TBS freshly squeezed lemon juice

tsp. lemon zest

tbsp. turmeric

2 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes

3 garlic cloves crushed

Good pinch of Celtic sea salt

Sprinkling of cracked peppercorns

      To serve:

1/2 cup chopped coriander

Step 1:

Preheat oven to 230 degrees Celsius

Mix dressing ingredients together

Step 2:

Place cauliflower and onion in a bowl 

Pour dressing over and stir to coat 

Step 3:

Place on a baking tray in the oven for 30 minutes until crispy, stirring once 

Top with fresh coriander 


Contributed by Lee Holmes, Supercharged Food












We love this “n’ice cream” recipe from fellow healthy chef, Lee Holmes.  You can now happily wave your regular dairy-filled, chemical cocktail goodbye and swap it for this soothing dessert.  We featured this recipe on our Happy Gut Facebook Live, our first from the Happy Gut Kitchen, see it here.  (Follow Happy Gut Facebook here.)

“This is a recipe you could do blindfolded with one arm tied behind your back, it’s that easy,” says Lee, author of Supercharged Food: Eat Your Way to Health. “And also so utterly delicious and creamy.”

“Avocados make a decadent treat like ice cream into an omega-3-rich inflammation fighting machine, which is also excellent for brain health,” adds. Dr. Pedre.

All it takes is just five ingredients and five minutes to whip it up and you get a beautiful thickness in the ice cream with the help of avocado.  Avocados are also ridiculously beneficial; full of monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, they’re also easy on the gut lining.  Avocado’s beneficial fiber helps promote healthy digestion. The vitamin C found in avocados also promotes digestive health.  Your digestive tract contains collagen — a type of protein that forms tight fibrils to provide tissue strength.  Collagen fibers wrap around your intestinal walls, and the vitamin C in your diet helps you produce enough collagen to maintain tissue strength.  Add avocado to your diet and you’ll increase your intake of B-complex vitamins. These nutrients support healthy digestion because they help your cells derive fuel from your food. 

When you include more avocado in your meals, in no time you will feel the benefits of a fully-functioning happy gut!

Gluten-free Nice Cream

Servings:  2

Makes about 2 cups
Prep time: 5 minutes, freeze for 1–2 hours


1 avocado, pitted and peeled

1/2  cup of additive-free coconut milk, chilled 

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

1/4 teaspoon of alcohol-free vanilla extract

6 drops of liquid stevia or sweetener of choice 

Step 1:

Purée all the ingredients in a blender until smooth and creamy.

Step 2:

Churn the mixture in an ice-cream machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions, or cover and freeze for 1–2 hours or until just frozen, then stir vigorously or beat with a hand mixer. 

Step 3:

Return to the freezer, then stir every 30 minutes two or three more times and then return to the freezer until completely frozen. 

There you have it! Delicious Avocado Nice Cream!


Contributed by Lee Holmes