The 7-Day Detox to Beat Sugar Cravings, Banish Bloating, and Boost Your Energy

Sugar Cravings – Brain Fog – Fatigue – Bloating


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Why January Is The Best Month For A Cleanse + How To Do It Right

How to know if this DETOX is for you:


Crave sugar, sweets, desserts or simple carbs?


Experience excessive bloating between or after meals?


Feeling tired all the time or like you're "running on fumes"?


Have frequent mood swings?


Get brain fog or have trouble remembering things?


Find it hard to lose weight and keep it off?

If you answered YES to any (or ALL) of the above, then this 7-day detox is for you!

HAPPY GUT 7-Day DETOX program


A proven, doctor-created program, crafted from over 20 years of research, to quickly and effectively beat the bloat, gain energy & clear mental fog in just 7 days!

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“I decided to do this program back in the summer — it was easy to follow and I didn’t feel hungry at all! I loved the delicious shakes. My weight has dropped (15 pounds) and so did my sugar cravings. No need for coffee to boost energy and I love the increased mental clarity. I have followed this detox program twice now. Both times successfully. I suggest this program to anyone needing to take off the last 10 lbs or just a quick reset, it works!”

8 Ways this 7-Day Detox can “RESET” Your Health


Beat the bloat for good and improve your digestion


Regain boundless energy, so you can do the things you love


Curb sugar cravings for good to shed the annoying extra pounds around your middle


Clear up your skin so you can finally say yes to every picture for good.


Optimize your brain performance and mental clarity, so you can excel at work and in life


Balance your hormones and make mood swings a thing of the past

Weight Loss

Shed unwanted pounds without having to count calories


Rebalance your gut microbiome so you can eat without worry of where the nearest bathroom is.

Optimal DETOX in 4 Simple Steps

The one and only detox program that addresses the three pillars of detoxification — often missed by others — that allow you to quickly and easily feel better than you have in years.


Clean out the GUT, the first step towards improving your gut health to feel better on the inside so you can look good on the outside


Engage Phase I LIVER detox, the second step that turbocharges your detox engine, so you can enjoy boundless energy and mental clarity


Rev up Phase II LIVER detox, the third step that reduces the burden of toxins and hormones in your body that are short-circuiting weight loss


Rebalance the GUT MICROBIOME, the final step to deflate the belly bloat, say hello to happier hormones, and get your stomach back to doing it’s job quietly

HAPPY GUT - 7-Day DETX Bundle

7-Day Detox

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Money Back Guarantee

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What improved for you as a result of this detox?

“I felt I had more energy. Realized I didn’t need coffee as much as I did. And reset my idea of when I was truly hungry (much less often than I’d thought before).”


What’s Included?

Your HAPPY GUT® RESET: 7-Day Detox Program Includes:




DETOX1 Supplement


DETOX2 Supplement


REVIVE Probiotic


RECIPES Digital Download


PLAN Digital Download



Happy Gut = Happy Life - Happy Gut Life
Happy Gut - Cleanse Shake


Metabolic Detox Meal Replacement

Functional food powder, containing nutrients that have quantifiable favorable health effects

A meal replacement with micronized, easy-to-digest, hypoallergenic pea protein

Combination of antioxidants, herbs, fiber, fruit and vegetable extracts that support healthy detox

Rich in fiber for healthy bowel movements

Specially formulated to support both Phase I and Phase II liver detoxification


Phase I Liver Detox Accelerator

Supports Phase I detox pathways

Supports the safe & natural elimination of toxins and heavy metals

Increases antioxidant activity

Provides precursors & cofactors for detox nutrients

Supports healthy levels of glutathione — the body’s master antioxidant

Boosts energy levels & improves mental clarity

Happy Gut = Happy Life - Happy Gut Life
Happy Gut™ - DETOX1 Liver Detox Supplement
Happy Gut™ - DETOX1 Liver Detox Supplement


Phase II Liver Detox Optimizer

Supports Phase II detox pathways

Optimizes the removal of Phase I liver detox metabolites, preventing their accumulation — which can lead to DNA damage

Supports the safe & natural elimination of toxins and heavy metals

Helps reduce brain fog & clear thinking 

Supports proper weight management


50B CFU Broad-Spectrum Probiotic

Helps maintain balanced gut microbiome — 10 most well-researched strains

Prevents overgrowth of harmful bacteria

Supports immune function

Supports bowel regularity

Acid stable capsule so more probiotics get to where they’re needed

Refrigeration-free shelf stable for 24 months due to state-of-the-art packaging

Happy Gut = Happy Life - Happy Gut Life
Happy Gut™ - REVIVE Probiotic
Gut RESET: 7 Days

Ready To RESET?

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What was the most surprising benefit of this detox?

“What’s shocking to me is that I feel ‘lighter’ after just one week, not just physically but mentally — almost as if I came out of a fog or something. I also feel like my energy is back which is wild because I’m always one for a nap. The best part I think is that for the first time in my life I don’t feel bloated and fall into a food coma after eating!”  

Our Risk-Free “Empty Bottle” Guarantee

We want to make sure this is a completely risk-free decision for you, so we’re offering a full 30-day Money Back Guarantee from the date you receive your kit.

Yes! You heard right.

If after completing the HAPPY GUT® RESET: 7-Day Detox by using up ALL of the products, and following each step exactly as detailed in “The Plan”, and still feel like you didn’t receive the value it promised, or the results you expected, simply send back all the EMPTY BOTTLES and we’ll refund 100% of your investment (minus the cost of shipping).

Happy Gut™ - Gut RESET: 7 Days

7-Day Detox




Visa MasterCard American Express Discover PayPal accepted here

Money Back Guarantee

Verified Buyer

What made you decide to finally do this detox?

“I’ll admit the first couple of days were hard for me, mainly because I’m a creature of habit and I love my morning coffee (and muffin :-).  Once I got into the rhythm of the smoothies, I can honestly say I’ve NEVER felt better while on a detox.  For the first time I didn’t feel like I was starving, and I didn’t get headaches, which I always get when doing a detox.

I decided to do this mainly because I wanted to make it to the end of the work day and still have gas left in the tank to spend time with my family.  The great news is that it really worked and as an added bonus I dropped the annoying 5 pounds I’ve been trying to lose forever.

I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to boost their energy, or honestly just feel like yourself again.  I plan on repeating this every quarter since getting to the gym these days is just wishful thinking.  Thanks Dr. P!”

Vincent Pedre, M.D.

America’s Gut Doctor
You may have heard of me as America’s Gut Doctor. I’ve dedicated the greater part of the last decade becoming an expert on all gut-related health issues. But, before that, I had become a Board-Certified Internist, Medical Acupuncturist, Yoga Teacher, and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. My book, Happy Gut®, has helped thousands of people worldwide get to the root of their gut-related health issues by healing the foundation for total body wellness — the digestive system (that is, “the gut”). I have lectured about gut health for the Institute for Functional Medicine in countries around the world, including Australia, Mexico and Peru. And I’ve served as the Clinical Gut Expert for Orthomolecular Products, as well as Chief Medical Officer and brand spokesperson for United Naturals, soon to be known as Nature MD. Together with NatureMD, I have created one of the most popular probiotics and leaky gut formulas in all of North America.

But it wasn’t always like this. In fact, before I trained as a doctor, I suffered from unpredictable bowel movements, abdominal pain, bloating, heartburn, loose stools, constipation, mental fog, fatigue, and a weak immune system. It took me over two decades to figure out how to heal my gut, using what I call the Happy Gut Blueprint.

Now… my mind is clear, my energy is great, my immune system strong, and my gut no longer causes me the constant distress I suffered from for years. And I want to show you how you, too, can be free of the chronic symptoms you thought I had no solution.

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