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A cleanse without fasting? Or tons of juices to drink?

Yes! This is a whole foods-based eating plan to heal your gut!!

You can give your body all natural (and delicious!) functional foods to reduce the inflammation that’s slowing you down, repair leaky gut syndrome, and alleviate food sensitivities—this program will help you do just that and more.

But don’t take my word for it…

This is what people who have completed the 28-Day HAPPY GUT® Program have to say:

Are you making your body work harder than it needs to?

Even if you eat healthy most of the time, you’ve probably had too much processed food, sugar, antibiotics, and exposure to toxins during your lifetime. I know many of patients suffer from the aftermath of these exposures. And I know I did as well.

This taxes the liver, wipes out gut-friendly probiotic flora, and increases inflammation, all while weakening your immune system. I suffered from a weak immune system and multiple food sensitivities as a result of all the antibiotics I was given when I was a teenager.

These things don’t reverse themselves overnight, but once you take a few simple steps to undo the damage, you’ll fall in love with how different it feels to be in control and on the road to your ultimate wellness!

In one month from now, you could be a completely different person.


Waking up easily after a great night’s sleep.


Enjoying your flat belly—now a happy place.


Slipping back into your favorite pants.


Staying in a fantastic mood all day long.

What is the 28-Day HAPPY GUT® Cleanse?

This Happy Gut cleanse is a chance to give your gut a much-needed rest so you can feel energized and light again. It’s not a fast—where you’ll go hungry—and it’s not a get skinny quick plan—although most people do lose weight after removing inflammation-inducing foods and giving their body the exact nutrients it needs to heal.

The 28-Day Happy Gut Cleanse Kit gives you step-by-step instructions and all the supplements you need to support you in my proprietary Gut C.A.R.E.® Program—the foundation of the cleanse—giving you the tools you need to complete this one-month plan to a radical gut reboot.

What is C.A.R.E.®

It is the foundation of the Happy Gut Cleanse. C.A.R.E. It is an acronym that stands for all the steps in the 28-Day Happy Gut Cleanse:

  • CLEANSE: Remove gut irritants, unfriendly bugs, food sensitivities, and toxins.
  • ACTIVATE: Reactivate healthy digestion by replacing essential nutrients and enzymes.
  • RESTORE: Reintroduce healthy bacteria and prebiotic nutrients for a healthy gut microbiome.
  • ENHANCE: Repair, regenerate, and heal the gut lining.

Why Does It Take 21 Days?

It takes 14 days just to calm down food sensitivities that trigger system-wide inflammation, and another 14 days to begin the healing process for the gut lining. When it comes to the gut, time and patience are the currency of healing. In summary, your body needs 28 days to do a full reboot and experience the most dramatic results. That’s why 28 days is so important.

The 28-Day Happy Gut Cleanse is full of quick, foodie-friendly recipes that will become your new favorite meals, like my hearty Roasted Tandoori Cauliflower Soup.

Learn How To:


Heal the body through the power of food so you can feel rejuvenated and more alive than you ever thought possible


Improve your digestion, fight inflammation, reduce bloating, increase mental clarity, and sleep better to take back control of your health, and ultimately, your life…


Improve your gut health and improve associated health issues such as autoimmune disorders, allergies, food sensitivities, and more…


Begin to balance your hormones, slow the aging process, and improve metabolism so you can feel better today and age gracefully


Make lifestyle changes now to prevent disease and promote longevity

A Personal Note from Dr. Pedre

The world is full of confusing and conflicting health information. I get it! It’s hard to know what is hype and what will truly bring you the energy, mental clarity, and wellness that we all desire.

If you choose to jump on this opportunity and take a month to learn how to combine the ancient wisdom of food as medicine with the best of modern-day evidence-based medical knowledge in a food-based cleanse, it will give you every possible chance of having a happy, healthy gut. And a Happy Gut = Happy Life!

I hope you’ll join me and the other practitioners on this truly transformative journey.

With heart,

Vincent Pedre MD, FMCP


Still Not Sure If This Can Help?

Here’s why what you’ve tried before hasn’t worked:

You’ve probably gone on other cleanses and have a shelf full of half-full supplement bottles.

But few things “C.A.R.E.” (Cleanse, Activate, Restore and Enhance) for your body like my 28-Day Happy Gut Cleanse, which uses functional foods and high-quality GMP-certified supplements to help reduce inflammation and balance your gut microbiome with healthy probiotic bacteria.

When you give your body healing foods like bone broth, grass-fed animal protein, and veggies, you’ll be surprised by how quickly the body reduces inflammation and restores probiotic balance after decades of poor eating.

But don’t worry if you’re vegan or vegetarian.
My 28-Day Happy Gut Cleanse has great options for you, too!

Can All Of This Happen in 28 Days?

This winning combination lays the foundation for you to get dramatic results like we have seen in my 28-Day HAPPY GUT® Cleanse, just like it has for my clients:

Now is the Time to Start Feeling Great Again!

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