Give Me 3 Days, and I’ll Show You How to Reduce Bloating, Have Boundless Energy & Achieve Gut Bliss

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Put Out the Fire in Your Gut!

Dr. Pedre’s 3-Day Anti-Inflammatory Reboot Diet


Heal Digestive Stress


Reduce Inflammation


Overcome Fatigue

Is it possible to reduce bloating, stop indigestion, and reboot your gut health with delicious meals like Cuban Picadillo and baked salmon on wild greens?

The answer is YES!

The 3-Day Anti-Inflammatory Reboot Diet features all natural foods that are known for their healing powers.
Get Dr. Pedre’s signature 3-day meal plan to activate your body’s ability to heal 100% naturally through the food you eat
Happy Gut = Happy Life - Happy Gut Life
This winning combination lays the foundation for you to get dramatic results like we have seen in my 28-Day Happy Gut-Gut C.A.R.E.™ Cleanse, just like it has for my clients:

If You Find Yourself on Repeat Saying Things Like:

“I’m constantly bloated.”
“I feel mentally foggy.”
“I’m exhausted all of the time.”
“I break out in hives, but I don’t know why.”
… there’s a reason–gut inflammation and dysbiosis.
Dysbiosis is when you have an imbalance between the “good” and “bad” bugs in the gut microbiome, favoring the bad guys.

It happens when antibiotics, sugar, and so-called “healthy” convenience foods have wiped out your healthy gut flora, damaged your cells, and left you bloated with a closet full of clothes that don’t fit anymore.

It may have taken you years to get to this place, but you can start to reduce inflammation and undo the damage in 3 short days with Dr. Pedre’s Gut Reboot Diet.

Hi, I’m Dr. Pedre.

While I have over 18 years of experience as a Medical Doctor, even more important is the fact that I was once in your situation.

I suffered from gut distress and inflammation, not knowing that the root cause was my imbalanced gut ecosystem after years of antibiotics and poor eating habits as a teenager.

Once I was able to resolve my own issues, I used what I learned as the groundwork to help 1,000s of patients improve their health. It’s because the gut is the foundation of your whole body health. Without a balanced gut ecosystem, all sorts of imbalances occur in seemingly unrelated areas, like your hormones and ability to detoxify.

I am passionate about helping others achieve optimal wellness because there’s nothing more important than taking the time to invest in your health so you can be happy and fully present as the best version of you for your friends and family.

With heart,

Vincent Pedre, MD, FMCP

You can be nourished, happy and healthy ALL at the SAME time!

Along with 3 days of easy-to-prepare meals and nutrient-packed smoothies, this guide includes mindfulness tips for deep relaxation that help reduce inflammation and improve digestion just as much as the nourishing foods you’ll eat.

This is not a diet–

It’s a 3-Day Whole Mind-Body-Gut Reboot!

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