7 Dangerous Warning Signs
Your Gut Is Lacking In Probiotics

Does your gut have enough probiotic bacteria?

Most People Don’t.
Why should you care?
These warning signs may surprise you.

Dr. Vincent Pedre

Vincent Pedre, MD

Award-Winning Gut Health Expert

Every year 80.5% of Americans are exposed to the biggest risk factor for gut probiotic deficiency syndrome (GPDS) — antibiotics. Much of them, unnecessary…

In fact, in 2018 the CDC estimated about 47 million antibiotic courses each year are prescribed for infections that don’t need antibiotics in U.S. doctors’ offices and emergency departments…

But remember, that’s just unnecessary prescriptions — in reality, national data reveals that over 270 million antibiotic prescriptions are filled every year, wrecking people’s gut probiotic balance.

Because everyone who has taken an antibiotic, whether necessary or unnecessary, has been given a doctor-induced dysbiosis — an unfavorable imbalance between good and bad bacteria in the gut.

As generic as the word “probiotic” sounds (I’m sure you’ve heard it many times), there is nothing generic about the right probiotic supplement that can help correct these imbalances. (More on this in a moment.)

First, let’s look at some of the dangerous warning signs your gut is missing the right probiotic bacteria…

The 7 Warning Signs….

warning sign #1

You Don’t Poop Every Day

Ok, this one might not be so surprising. But, did you know if you’re not having a complete bowel movement at least once daily, then you’re constipated? The sad truth is most people are walking around with 3 – 4 pounds of extra poop in their intestines. One often overlooked factor in combating constipation are probiotics. There are over 500 million neurons in the gut that control things like the rhythmic contractions of the gut wall. And probiotic bacteria communicate with those neurons, encouraging regular bowel movements.1
Acne-Prone Skin
warning sign #2

Your Skin is Acne-Prone

Did you know the health of your skin is intimately connected to the health of your gut? And the type of gut bacteria can actually influence the skin barrier and even breakouts. Studies have shown that probiotic bacteria exert an inhibitory effect on the growth of Cutibacterium acnes — the bacteria found on the skin, responsible for acne. Probiotic bacteria also have immune-regulating effects that reduce skin inflammation and help prevent acne.

Food Intolerance
warning sign #3

Your Ability to Tolerate Foods is Decreasing

When your gut becomes leaky as a result of taking antibiotics, stress, the Standard American Diet, and OTC meds like NSAIDs, you lose the ability to digest foods properly, and you become prone to developing immune reactions to foods. One important purpose probiotics serve is as digestive helpers, basically helping our gut perform the act of digestion. That’s one reason eating fermented foods and taking a probiotic are so important.

Couple Feeling Ill
warning sign #4

Your Get Sick More Often Than You Should

The gut harbors the most important border control in the body. With over 70 percent of the immune system residing in our gut, the gut lining serves as a special line of communication between probiotic bacteria and our immune cells. Studies have shown that probiotics offer immunological protection through the regulation, stimulation, and modulation of the immune response.4 For example, certain species of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium exert control over both innate immunity, by increasing the activity of natural killer cells and microbe-eating macrophages, and our adaptive immune response, by interacting with T cells and gut wall patrollers known as dendritic cells.
Overly Nervous or Anxious
warning sign #5

You Feel Excessively Nervous or Overly Sad

The gut-brain connection is becoming recognized as the hidden secret behind brain health. What we used to think was isolated to the brain is now known to be connected to the health of the gut and the gut microbiome. Studies in mice have shown excessive anxious behavior when certain bad gut bacteria predominate.5 When the gut barrier becomes leaky, the blood brain barrier also becomes leaky, leading to mood disorders. Probiotic bacteria help regulate the gut barrier and improve gut signals to the brain.

Pre-Mature Aging
warning sign #6

You Feel Older Than Your Biological Age

Studies are bringing to light how the gut microbiome may be the hidden secret behind aging well. Inflammation, autoimmunity, joint aches and pain are all signs of aging that can arise from gut imbalances, including dysbiosis (more on this later) and leaky gut syndrome. The healthier our gut microbiome, the more resilient and resistant it can make us to infections and gut imbalances. Probiotics hold the key to reversing “inflam-aging” (i.e. inflammation-induced aging).

warning sign #7

You Can’t Get a Restful Night’s Sleep

Melatonin is known as the sleep hormone that regulates when you feel sleepy. But did you know 400 times more melatonin is produced in a healthy gut than in the brain? Yep, your gut helps maintain optimal melatonin levels when populated with healthy bacteria. One study showed that bad bacteria can actually disrupt our ability to fall and stay asleep. So, having the right probiotic bacteria in your gut can even help you get those nighttime Zzzz’s.

If You Suffer From One or More of These
Dangerous “Gut Probiotic Deficiency” Warning Signs



University Study

Because clinical studies have shown that the right substrain of probiotic bacteria in the specific clinical doses can help transform your gut, skin, brain, immune, and mental health, helping to improve bowel movement frequency, while clearing up the skin, strengthening your immune system, improving sleep, and optimizing brain function and mood.

If you have trouble pooping every day

If you have bloating or abdominal pain and react to foods randomly

If you are tired of breaking out with adult acne

If you suffer from restless sleep and it’s making you feel tired

If you keep getting sick and want to strengthen your immune system

If you are plagued by anxious thoughts and wondering how to calm your mind

If you’ve been feeling sad or low energy

Or even if you’re concerned about aging and want to age better

Then I urge you to read every single word of this urgent report:

As you’ll soon discover, when you don’t take the right kind of probiotic, so many things in your body are affected negatively:


Your gut is plagued with issues, like bloating, abdominal pain, constipation and unpredictable runs to the toilet


Your bowel movements are a strain, happening less than once daily


You react to foods more easily, developing sensitivities to a variety of foods you enjoy


Your skin barrier is compromised and breaks out easily


Your sleep can be disrupted


You get sick over and over


Your mood and energy will tend to be low


You age faster than expected

So many symptoms all come to ONE THING: gut probiotic deficiency syndrome (GPDS)!

Because REAL HUMAN RESEARCH Has Already Shown A Specific Probiotic Combination Can:

Significantly improve bowel regularity

(so you can poop every day)

Balance mood and anxiousness

(allowing you to focus better)

Have more restful sleep

(with your gut doing its job quietly)

Help clear your skin complexion

(for glowing skin that wins complements)

Reduce food reactions

(so you can enjoy eating again)

Build a stronger immune system

(with your gut barrier protected)

Have a positive impact on brain health

(preserve mental function as you age)

And that’s only the beginning!

Real Human Research reveals...
“Dr. Pedre explained how my bloating and adult acne were all connected to my constipation. Within two weeks, I could already tell the difference.”
~ Beth

Probiotic bacteria are involved in supporting hundreds of vital functions in your body.

6 Ways Probiotics Can Uplevel Your Health

Improve Gut Issues

When the gut is in dysbiosis — an imbalance between good gut bacteria and bad bugs — it can be difficult to digest food and embarrassing gut symptoms arise, like bloating, gas, constipation and/or diarrhea. In addition, other conditions, such as obesity and type II diabetes have been associated with dysbiosis. Good gut bacteria serve as internal regulators, and high-quality probiotic can help correct these imbalances, leading to digestive system harmony.

Defend the Gut Wall

Quarum sensing — it’s a fancy term for gut bacteria’s ability to communicate with each other in community. When good bacteria are plentiful in the gut, they occupy real estate on the inside of your gut lining, like soldiers defending a fort, crowding out other bad bugs from taking residence. Think of probiotic bacteria as gut wall defenders.

Promote Brain Health

You’ve probably heard of the gut-brain connection. Well, gut bacteria, both good and bad, speak to our brain via the vagus nerve. But when our bad bacteria are out of control, the gut sends confusing signals, which can lead to brain fog, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and forgetfulness. Brain health depends on gut health, which depends on the balance of good and bad bugs in the gut microbiome, so it’s vitally important to keep the gut microbiome as healthy as possible

Strengthen Immunity

With 70 percent of the immune system found all along the digestive tract, it is a special command center for your immune white blood cells. Immunity is all about balance — not too little activation, not too much activation. Think of probiotic bacteria as immune system conductors. They help boost immunity by activating the appropriate white blood cells, while keeping them from overreacting, as in what happens in allergic and autoimmune diseases.

Foster Healthy Aging

Studies have shown the unique microbiome of centenarians, full of healthy, youthful bacteria that protect against infection and inflammation — the number one factor in aging. In fact, a recent study showed the one common factor in centenarians that have maintained greater physical vitality and mental acuity: plenty of healthy bacterial strains in their guts. So, having a healthy gut microbiome could be one key factor to healthy aging; thus, the name “probiotic” from the Greek pro=for + bios=life.

Encourage Restful Sleep

One recent study showed that when bad bacteria grow excessively in the gut they seem to interfere with our ability to fall and stay asleep. Poor sleep will zap our energy and further aggravate irregular sleep patterns. More good, probiotic bacteria in our gut means greater zen!

“It was as if it turned on a switch. Within a week, my poops were solid, easy and effortless. Before, at best I went every other day or just a few days per week. But now, I go daily, and it feels complete and satisfying. Little did I know the missing ingredient for my constipation was a probiotic.”

~ Sara

You Can Now See How Vital Probiotics Are For Your Body and Unfortunately…

Gut probiotic deficiency syndrome (GPDS) is experienced unnecessarily by over 47 million people in the United States each year…

In fact, 270 million Americans lack the “optimum” levels of probiotic bacteria in their guts.

That’s why I’m so passionate about the nightmare of GPDS and the benefits of getting the correct form of probiotic substrains…

Probiotic Deficiency Almost Cost Me My Life…

Hi, I’m Dr. Vincent Pedre, a Board-Certified Internist and Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, and…

And like many of you reading this now, I didn’t understand the critical issues that lacking the right probiotic bacteria created during my long, two decade battle to RESTORE my health back to normal.

I was overweight as a child, lost the weight during my early teens, but then suddenly found it impossible to maintain a healthy weight and body mass.

I was underweight by at least 20 pounds.

Worse, I kept getting sick… over and over… and the doctors kept putting me on antibiotics, further weakening my immune system.

All in all I was on 2 — 3 rounds of antibiotics per year, ringing in at 20+ rounds by the end of my teenage years.

I also struggled with an anxious, restless mind.

My skin would break out randomly.

I felt mentally exhausted by the end of a work day.

And I often found myself running to the bathroom after a meal.

Later on, as I studied functional medicine, I discovered the root of my problems — gut probiotic deficiency syndrome from the excess amounts of antibiotics I had been prescribed throughout my life.

My research showed how this led to leaky gut and food sensitivities, including the top two food groups I enjoyed most — wheat and dairy.

I was devastated, but also determined to fix two decades worth of imbalances.

And in today’s environment with the overprescribing of antibiotics, millions of people worldwide are facing probiotic deficiency in their guts.

But the OTC and Supermarket Probiotics I Tried…

Couldn’t seem to fix the issue.

It wasn’t until I discovered the five things all effective probiotics must have that I was able to fine tune a formula that worked for my gut. (More on this in a moment.)

I started putting on muscle mass for the first time in decades.

My gut felt settled, and I said “goodbye” to loose stools.

My mental clarity and energy improved, as if I was reverse aging.

The best part… my skin cleared up, and people often guess that I’m 10 years younger than I actually am!

My Health Completely Transformed in a Matter of Weeks…

The only problem was this took A LOT of work.

I was researching all types of probiotic strains… the levels needed… buying a combination of probiotics.

It cost me dozens of hours of research plus hundreds of dollars to get the right combination of probiotics.

Probiotics are not cheap, so you can do the math… $200+ per month.

Now, I’m guessing you don’t have that amount of time or money…

Nor do you want to wait that long or go through what I went through to feel good again…

I wouldn’t either.

And chances are, especially if you’ve experienced ANY of the warning signs or symptoms listed on this page — YOUR GUT IS LACKING IN PROBIOTICS.

That’s WHY I decided to do something about this problem.

Because I can’t bear the thought of other people suffering like I once did.

I wanted a way to provide the right, clinically-researched probiotic ‘substrains’ and get all of their varied benefits… in just seconds each day.

The only final hurdle?

5 Things All Effective Probiotics Must Have


High CFU Count

With 100 trillion mix of good and bad bacteria making up our gut microbiome, most probiotics out there are just drops in the ocean of bacteria that live in our guts. In order to have a stronger, positive impact, you want a high number of Colony Forming Units (CFUs) in your probiotic supplement. Look for a formula with a minimum of 50 billion CFU.


Shelf-Stability / Overage

Overage means packing a higher CFU count than claimed on the label in order to guarantee the label amount through the shelf life. Shelf stability is very important, because many probiotics on the market require refrigeration to maintain their CFU count. However, probiotics are often subjected to varying degrees of temperature changes and poor warehouse conditions. Look for state-of-the-art moisture, oxygen, and light resistant, desiccant-lined packaging to protect probiotics and extend shelf life, eliminating the need for refrigeration.


Clinically-Studied Strains

There are hundreds of different probiotic strains on the market. However, most have not been proven to be effective. How can you tell? If only the genus and species are listed (eg. Lactobacillus acidophilus), these are generic strains. High-quality probiotics will list specific probiotic substrains on the label, indicated by a combination of letters and numbers  after the strain’s name (eg. B. lactis UAB1s-12), telling you they are backed by one or more clinical studies.


Delayed-Release Technology

An acid-stable capsule to protect the probiotics from stomach acid disintegration and delayed release technology ensure optimal survivability from stomach acid and properly-timed release of the probiotics in the lower GI tract, where they can have their greatest impact.

Formulated by a Doctor

To formulate an effective probiotic takes a specific expertise. It’s the exact combination of strains, potency, and quantity that determine a product’s quality. Remember, at least 50 billion CFUs to begin with, and a multistrain probiotic is usually more effective. Look for real doctors like me, specializing in gut health.


The Ultimate Probiotic Formula for Getting Clinically-Research Strains

Happy Gut® Restore
Contains 100 billion live cultures in each capsule

10 diverse, highly-researched strains

Each substrain is listed and has been clinically studied

Endorsed by an MD

Delayed-Release Technology

Each capsule is acid-resistant to withstand stomach acid

100% Vegan

Only one capsule per day is needed

Free of known allergens

Formulated without wheat, gluten, soy, dairy products, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial colors, or artificial sweeteners

RESTORE is a revolutionary way to get 10 of the most-highly researched probiotic strains your body needs… in just seconds each morning or evening.

Just take 1 capsule each morning 30 minutes before breakfast or in the evening 30 minutes before bedtime, whichever you prefer — and you’ll have everything you need to keep your bowels moving, complexion clear, immune system strong, mood balanced, and have a positive impact on the gut-brain axis.

One Revolutionary Capsule With the Best High-Potency, Delayed-Release Probiotic Your Body Could Ever Have

At a time when gut issues are at an all-time high…

When having a secure and sealed gut border is of utmost importance for general well-being and immunity…

When preserving the gut-brain connection is more important than ever…

When you can’t always avoid going on antibiotics—or eat the perfect diet…

When looking and feeling great both inside and out matter…

When people suffer unknowingly from gut probiotic deficiency syndrome without knowing…

And when you REALLY need restful sleep as soon as possible.

RESTORE gives you 10 of the most Highly-Researched probiotic ‘substrains’ that offer the best bowel regulatory, immune modulating, and anti-inflammatory effects.

This is what makes RESTORE the PERFECT probiotic supplement to take every single day.

If you’ve taken probiotics in the past and not experienced these benefits, then it’s because of one of two things:

1) The probiotics were dead upon arrival, because most of probiotic supplements are not shelf-stable or prepared with overage to account for CFU loss over time;

2) The probiotics were not the right clinically-studied substrains known to have measurable effects.

With RESTORE, you can finally experience more regular bowel movements… easier digestion… greater food tolerance… clearer skin… a stronger immune system… improved mood… more restful sleep… and even a positive impact on brain health.

It’s the one probiotic supplement you absolutely want to have stocked and available to you each day.

10 highly-researched probiotic strains to support microbial diversity + gut health

evidence-based strains like 36.4 billion CFU of bifidobacterium lactis (UABIa-12™)

Here are some of the most effective strains available in the RESTORE high-quality probiotic

Here Is How To Tell If You're Probiotic Will Work:

High-quality probiotics will list specific probiotic substrains on the label, indicated by a combination of letters and numbers after the strain’s name (eg. B. lactis UAB1s-12), telling you they are backed by one or more clinical studies.

RESTORE’s Top Strains & Their Benefits


Bifidobacterium lactis (UABI-12™)


It protects and restores the microbiome following antibiotic therapy and boosts the body’s immune response.


Lactobacillus plantarum (UALp-05™)

immune modulator

A probiotic strain that reduces abdominal pain, bloating, and other gastrointestinal symptoms associated with IBS and colitis, while enhancing the body’s antibody response.


Lactobacillus acidophilus (DDS®-1)

T-cell regulator

A potent immunomodulatory probiotic that increases regulatory T-cells, significantly reducing the likelihood and duration of cold and flu symptoms.


Bificobacterium breve (UABbr-11™)

metabolic health

A normal commensal probiotic strain that prevents and improves constipation and bloating, maintains fasting glucose, and reduces inflammation.

Here’s what other people are saying about the high-potency probiotic, RESTORE:

“Within a week of starting the Restore Probiotic, I noticed the first positive change in my bowel movements in months. First, my poops became more formed. But what really surprised me was that I went from a once every three to four days to once every day kind of person. Never happier!”

Clearer skin, acne is almost cleared up and regular BM’s… What more could a girl ask for?!”

Before starting Restore, I had been through three rounds of antibiotics and thought I would never break the cycle of yeast infections. I was miserable! But I refused to have to take antifungals for the rest of my life. I’m so glad I tried it. Two weeks in, and the yeast symptoms are finally going away.

It’s no wonder that it’s our best-selling probiotic…

In case you’re still reading, one final word…

3 Things to Avoid in Probiotics


Limited Unique Strains

Our gut microbiome is a complex ecosystem, and thus operates in symbiosis with our bodies and also with each other. Therefore, a combination of unique strains complements each other’s actions, like improving bowel motility, modulating the immune response, and reducing inflammatory signals. This allows for the maximum benefit to be achieved.

RESTORE uses only high quality, proven-to-work specific substrains backed by clinical studies.


Required Refrigeration

Any probiotic that needs refrigeration to maintain freshness is most likely as good as dead upon arrival to your doorstep. From temperature changes during material transport to warehouses, varying degrees of warehouse temperature control, and time spent in trucks waiting to get stocked, there are too many touch points for temperature-sensitive probiotics.

RESTORE maintains its freshness at room temperature, ensuring that your gut gets probiotics in their healthiest state, resulting in faster, more noticeable results to you.


Absence of Clinical Studies

There are hundreds of different probiotic strains on the market. However, most have not been proven to be effective. How can you tell? If only the genus and species are listed (eg. Lactobacillus acidophilus), these are generic strains. High-quality probiotics will list specific probiotic substrains on the label, indicated by a combination of letters and numbers after the strain’s name (eg. B. lactis UAB1s-12), telling you they are backed by one or more clinical studies.

RESTORE uses the exact strains that were used in the largest studies, proven to improve gut health, and thus improve energy, mental clarity, bowel movements and overall cellular health.


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