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Bonus #1

BONUS: Gratitude Challenge Video Series

HAPPY GUT® Gratitude Challenge Video Series

(Value $295)

Bonus #2

BONUS: Gut Detox Masterclass

HAPPY GUT® Detox Masterclass 

(Value $395)

Bonus #3

BONUS: Smoothies-in-a-Snap Cookbook

HAPPY GUT® Smoothies-in-a-Snap Cookbook 

(Value $35)

Bonus #4

BONUS: Midday Meals Made Easy Cookbook

HAPPY GUT® Midday Meals Made Easy Cookbook 

(Value $20)

Bonus #5



(Value $29)

Bonus #6

Happy Gut® the Book

HAPPY GUT® The Book 

(Value $29)

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Bonus #7

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