Dr. Pedre on Good Morning America! January 11, 2016 – Recap

Dr. Vincent-Pedre-Happy-Gut-GMA
What an honor to be invited on Good Morning America! to present my infographic showing how the gut lining becomes diseased, which I equate to an internal garden, and the GUT C.A.R.E.™ Program, featured in my new book, Happy Gut.

If you missed the show, a link to my GMA segment is here and below, we share some of the key learning points for you, in bold!

In the picture above, I am showing host, Robin Roberts, a garden wall that is an analogy for the cells that line the gut. You see, the gut is so central to health, that I like to call it “the seat of all health.”  In my clinical practice, I have seen that if you heal the gut, you can begin to heal the rest of the body.  On the giant GMA telestrator, we are in front of a picture of a garden, which I use to explain what a healthy gut looks like, and what happens when you develop leaky gut syndrome.

You can begin to repair damage to the gut in just 28 days. 

Seeing your gut as an internal garden, you can see how important it is to attend to the health of your gut in the same way you would if you wanted to have a vibrant, abundant garden.

Dr. Pedre The Gut is a Garden

Imagine this garden wall is the lining of your gut.  As you can see, all the stones fit nicely together with no space between them.  All the cells are interconnected.

Now, maybe you’ve been on antibiotics or your gut has been disrupted by pesticides and toxins.  The gut can become “leaky” due to the breakdown of the stomach lining. These holes between the cells allow food molecules, bacteria, and yeast to get through the thin lining of the intestines.  These, in turn, activate your immune system.  As they leak through, your body identifies them as foreign, so it starts attacking.  This immune response can make you feel tired, mentally foggy, anxious, and even depressed.


Above, I am explaining my Gut C.A.R.E.™ Program, which stands for CLEANSE, ACTIVATE, RESTORE and ENHANCE.

When we say CLEANSE, we are cleansing your diet of foods that are inflammatory, the same way you would tend to a garden by first clearing what inhibits healthy growth.  The top foods that cause gut sensitivity are a large part of the Standard American Diet: wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, excess sugar and even legumes (including peanuts).  We add in foods that are anti-inflammatory such as dark leafy greens, berries, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, avocado, green beans, almond milk, quinoa, hormone-free, grass-fed beef,  free-range chicken, and sustainably-caught, wild fish.  These are the beginning weeks of my program.


Next, we ACTIVATE, because just as a garden has its own natural balance with bees, the planting of certain plants and the quality of the soil, by activating your natural digestive enzymes, bile, or stomach acids, we bring your internal garden back into balance.   People with a disordered digestive system may not be producing enough of these, so we supplement.  Here, you’ll be looking for ingredients like amylases, proteases, and lipases–these are enzymes that break down carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Other enzymes, like cellulases, help break down vegetable cell walls.

Imagine you’ve hurt your leg and need to keep the weight off of it.  You use a cane so you can still use the leg, but the cane takes the load to help you heal.  That’s what supplemental digestive enzymes are doing for the gut, by taking a load off its work of digestion, while giving it time to heal.


In the next part of the program, the R is for RESTORE. Think of this as restoring your gut garden with “the good guys.”  You want to cultivate your internal garden, your microbiome with fertilizers like prebiotic foods—foods that feed your friendly

bacteria like asparagus, garlic, onion, dandelion root, coconut water kefir, and fermented vegetables like kimchi.  You can even take a probiotic supplement. What to look for? The most common strains are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.  You will see words like ‘1 billion units’ and it sounds like a lot, but there are an estimated 100 trillion bacteria in our guts, MORE THAN THE STARS IN THE MILKY WAY!  So it’s just a drop in the bucket to take a probiotic with 1 billion active cultures. Often, I am prescribing probiotics with 50 billion CFU’s per capsule, and some of my patients need to take as much as 200 billion CFU’s per day.


And finally, the E is for ENHANCE. This is about enhancing the function of the gut lining to heal your gut- just as a garden experience is enhanced by nicely trimmed paths and the fullness provided by vital elements like bright flowers to attract the bees and birds.  For the gut there are certain nutrients that can reduce gut inflammation, such as aloe, DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice), and L-glutamine, which is the primary energy source for the cells that line the small intestine.  If you give the cells a really good source of energy, it’s been shown that you can reverse a leaky gut.


Robin asked, “So you do all of this for the 28 days and then what?”

What follows the C.A.R.E. part is the Reintroduction Phase.  This is where you reintroduce one food at a time to your diet spaced by several days.  The exact method by which to do this is detailed in Happy Gut.  You then observe to see if old or new symptoms occur.  If they do, this food is something you should not be eating.  The 28-day Gut C.A.R.E.™ Program is about creating a Health Plan for a new life.  I like to empower patients to make them aware and to show them how much in control they are of how bad they may be feeling, and also of how good they can feel through their diet.  HAPPY GUT aims to increase one’s health span vs. life span. The quality of life with a happy gut is so much better!  

Dr. Vincent Pedre-Gut-Health

Here I am backstage in the props area of GMA with the demo table!  I sincerely hope the segment was helpful, that you buy my book, and learn how to heal your gut from the slow fire within — the inflammation that is at the root of all disease. Here’s to your Happy Gut!





Dr. Pedre


4 Breakfast Smoothies That Will Help Shrink Your Belly By Midday


Feeling bloated after too much dinner or dessert last night? Or did you wake up this morning and think to yourself, There’s no way I can squeeze into jeans today? If so, don’t do what most people do and skip breakfast, which will only slow your metabolism and leave you ravenous by lunch.

( Here’s the article I wrote for Prevention magazine, hope it helps you!

Here’s to your Happy Gut,

Dr. Pedre )

Instead of skipping breakfast, start your day with the one meal that can beat bloat while helping to flatten your stomach, stabilize your blood sugar, and jump-start your body’s fat-burning powers. Yep, we’re talking about the ultimate liquid meal: the morning smoothie.

But not just any old smoothie will do. To beat bloat and flatten your belly by midday, you need one made from mostly raw ingredients—without any sugary additives or processed powders—that has the right enzymes to aid digestion, along with enough fiber to promote regularity. All 4 smoothies here, featured in my new book, Happy Gut: The Cleansing Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Eliminate Pain, contain just the right ingredients to beat bloat and help get you on track so you can wear your favorite outfit.

While smoothies are a big part of my Gut C.A.R.E.™ Program, you can’t sustain a happy, bloat-free life just by adding a few morning smoothies, despite what some experts say. For example, if you’re always downing your breakfast smoothie while stressed and rushing out the door, you won’t accomplish all your health and weight goals, no matter how low-sugar and filling your smoothie is. To achieve total gut health and happiness, you need a 360-degree approach to wellness that incorporates all aspects of health—mind, body, and spirit. That’s where Happy Gut comes in, with real assistance on how to adopt a healthier and happier approach to holistic gut and body health.

Tip: For all of the smoothies, I recommend choosing a hypoallergenic, nondairy protein powder, such as hemp or pea.

Here’s to a healthy breakfast, a happy gut and a Happy Gut Life!

Click on here for the recipes!

Green Vitality

Blue Ginger


Chocolate-Covered Almond

The Happy Gut Holiday Stress Tool Kit to Your Rescue


Dear friends of Happy Gut,

As we approach the final crunch before the holidays and the end of the year, I asked my friend, colleague, and yoga teacher, Paula Tursi, how she keeps her calm during this stressful time of year. Here is her tool kit, which I know as a practitioner of mind-body medicine, will help you get through these last few days of the year with a smile on your face.

In health,

Dr. Pedre


How Breathing (and a few other tools) get me through the Holidays!

The holiday season is a stressful time, without question! Even if you love your job, your spouse, your children, and all your family members beyond words, you will still feel stress building at some point during the holidays–whether it’s unmet expectations, preparing to host a party, or having to spend it with the in-laws.

Don’t we all feel increased pressure to get all the shopping done and still have “fun,” while putting on a bright smile through it all?  In anticipation of all the year-end, to-do’s, last year I felt the stress coming on as early as October!  That was when I decided to try and do things a little differently.  I used time-honored stress “fix-it” tools I have acquired throughout the years.

Here they are for you to try:

1   The Embrace It Tool

What if you accept things as they are, perfect or not?  The holidays can be very commercial, and they can be full of obligation, but they also offer an opportunity to delve deep into the meaning of the season.  The holiday season is a time for reflection. It’s a time to meet with old friends and get out of your day to day. You get to break out of your life’s patterns.  However stressful stepping out of your routine may feel, you can change that by re-framing it in your mind. Be present. Embrace each moment as a special one to be cherished with family and friends. Take in this celebratory time of year.  Get excited about being social and doing things a little differently.

2  The Meditate Tool

One of the routines I make sure not to break during the holidays is my meditation routine. I ground myself  every morning with at least 5 minutes of meditation.  That gives me focus and clarity and a guaranteed few moments of stillness before the chaos of the day begins.

This is a simple way to do it: 1) sit on the edge of your bed or on the ground in lotus pose with your pelvic bones supported by a small bolster pillow, 2) clear your mind, and 3) quietly focus on your breath, before you do anything else.  This morning meditation routine makes for a kinder transition from sleep to wake, and the slow breathing will stimulate the calming part of your nervous system.

3  The Breathe Tool

Even when using these tools, there are still moments when life gets ahead of me. In these times, I turn to my breath.  When you get angry or anxious your breathing pattern changes, and you get into a cycle of negative thoughts and/or feelings. For instance, everyone can relate to holiday stresses, for example, when the person in front you in line has a cart full of items and a different coupon for each one!

Instead of losing your cool, take advantage of the “extra time” and practice conscious breathing.  By this I mean, without trying to control your breath, take notice of how long your inhale is, then your exhale. After a couple of rounds of this, try to extend your inhale beyond your exhale. For example, inhale for 6 seconds, then exhale over 4 seconds. It’s likely that by the time you are done with this breathing exercise, the irritating coupon shopper will also be done!

4  The Gratitude Tool

The last and most useful tool is gratitude.  During the holidays, when I get upset that I have too much shopping to do, or I just can’t take another social gathering, or my sister is really driving me nuts about this gift thing– I sit myself down again and think about how lucky I am to have the health and friends to celebrate this time of year with.  I remember less fortunate times and feel my heart expand just a bit.

Take a moment, and find something you are grateful for. Breathe in that gratitude, and all the feelings associated with what you are appreciating in your life. Maybe it’s the smell of your favorite dish cooked up by your grandmother, the smile someone gave you while walking down the street, or simply admiring the beauty of a sunny day. Let that moment take over all of your being.  Become one with your gratitude.  Take it into your heart, then feel it expand into every cell in your body.

I  hope these 4 tips help you find peace and joy during this holiday season.

Wishing you love and light and a moment to breathe,


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