HAPPY GUT® The Breakthrough App to Help You Heal Your Gut-Related Health Issues

Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Eliminate Pain (And Get Happy, Too!)

Are you suffering from debilitating fatigue, migraines, allergies, constipation or IBS symptoms? Maybe you can’t lose those extra stubborn pounds? Or wonder where your mental clarity? Do you want relief from your chronic unexplained itching, muscle aches, and abdominal pain? If your gut is unhappy, it can cause a whole host of medical issues, because the gut is the foundation for all healing. Fortunately, Vincent Pedre M.D., author of HAPPY GUT® and leading Integrative & Functional medical doctor, is here his groundbreaking Happy Gut® Cleanse, founded on the principles of his Gut C.A.R.E.® Program, a 360° approach to healing your gut.

THE HAPPY GUT® APP is a powerful Gut Reboot tool! As a mobile health and wellness app it is the perfect companion to Dr. Pedre’s book, “HAPPY GUT – THE CLEANSING PROGRAM TO HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT, GAIN ENERGY, AND ELIMINATE PAIN.”

Use the HAPPY GUT® APP to enhance Dr. Pedre’s comprehensive 28-day total cleansing, nutrition, and wellness program – your first step in a life-changing journey towards optimal health. This easy to follow protocol for gut cleansing, body healing, healthy eating, movement, and meditation practice is intended to bring you relief from symptoms and set the stage for your deeper healing. Use the HAPPY GUT® APP to track and inspire your success towards a healthy, happy gut!


  • Easy, intuitive App makes it simple to follow and log your progress
  • Set goals and personalize your profile
  • Track Weight, Nutrition, Sleep, Symptoms, Exercise, Meditation and More
  • Automatically sync with your fitness trackers and apps including the Apple Health App & Fitbit
  • Automated Reminders to help keep you on track
  • Inspirational push notifications to keep you motivated
  • Detailed Daily Meal Plans
  • Delicious, Healthy Recipes to keep you inspired
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Shopping Guide with What to Eat / What Not to Eat
  • Educational Videos by Dr. Pedre
  • Printable PDFs

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