Happy Gut
= Happy Life

Heal your gut. Cleanse your gut. Improve digestion.

A Happy Gut Makes for a Happy Life (and Family, Too)!

We are passionate about the gut! We are believers in the power of cleansing for cleaning out the gut, reducing inflammation, and promoting health. Cleansing has been done throughout the ages to revitalize the body. With the modern epidemics of antibiotic overuse, environmental toxins, and food sensitivities resulting in leaky gut syndrome, healing the gut through cleansing has become of utmost importance. It is not an option. It is a basic requirement for long-term vitality.

Happy Gut = Happy Life - Happy Gut Life
Made from the finest, hypoallergenic, non-GMO, vegan-friendly ingredients

We Believe That Many Happier Guts Make For a Happier World.

Happy Gut Life creates carefully crafted cleanse and maintenance programs to get you and keep you on the path to wellness.  All of our shake powders and supplements are made from the finest, hypoallergenic, non-GMO, vegan-friendly ingredients.

The formulas are based on a combination of decades of scientific research and Dr. Pedre’s experiences balancing and restoring health to his own gut and hundreds of patients.

Let’s Make a Better World by Starting with One Gut – Your Gut.

We also LOVE food. We love preparing food, presenting it, and most of all sharing it. That’s why we created our Happy Gut Dinner Parties. We believe food should be enjoyed in community.  One of the oldest rituals is sitting down and “breaking bread” with others. (Of course, our bread would be gluten-free.) In community, we can come together and experience amazing nourishment, vibrancy, and health — the Happy Gut way.

Happy Gut Dinner Party

Happy Gut
= Happy Body

If Your Gut is Happy, Your Body Will Be Happy, Too.

Scientists have dubbed the gut as our “second brain.” Your brain in your head is not the only source of your thoughts and actions. The science behind this is the gut has its own nervous system, called the enteric nervous system, working in communication with your brain and central nervous systems, yet capable of its own independent reflexes. Of course, it can’t wait for your brain to stop thinking to digest and poop.  Your gut can even tell your brain to shut down so it can digest a heavy dose of starchy carbs (the reason for your brain fog).

Happy Gut Science - Happy Gut Life

The gut and its microflora are also another source of neurotransmitters — those chemical messengers that control your mood and temperament. That means beyond your brain, the neurotransmitters from your gut can influence your mood, sugar cravings (the reason you desire that piece of chocolate or cookie), and even food choices based on emotions.

Trust Your Gut - Happy Gut Life

Trust Your Gut.

But more importantly, we would venture to say it is the “primary mind of intuition.” Gut feelings are often the first sense that something is either exciting or terribly wrong. We all have had experiences that have taught us that our “gut feelings” are the key to trusting our intuition.

As they say, happiness is contagious.  Before you know it… Everyone will be asking you what you had for breakfast.



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Dr. Pedre's Story - Happy Gut Life


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